Educational videos

We’ve provided a suite of educational videos through the Money 101 program, to help you understand more about your superannuation and how it works. These videos are all online and can be worked through at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Super basics

Master the basics of superannuation.

Super contributions

Find out the main ways your super money makes its way into your account.

Women and super

Find out about some of the unique financial challenges that women face.

Super investments

Explore the different assets that your super can be invested in.

Insurance through super

Understand your needs and options when it comes to getting cover through WA Super.

Salary sacrificing into super

Discover how putting aside a little now could mean a lot more for your retirement.

Financial planning

Unpack the financial planning process, and the benefits of this service.

Funding retirement

Plan ahead and decide how you’ll fund your retirement lifestyle.

Transition to retirement

Understand how you can move gradually from work to retirement.

Income streams

Get to know one of the ways your retirement money may be paid to you.

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