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WA Super investment performance update – boringly great results


Super may be boring – but investment performance and the returns you get on your money is certainly not!

Many people said in our recent member survey that they wanted more information about our performance and how we invest.

What is your money invested in?

WA Super is responsible for managing your retirement savings.  With that in mind, our belief is you have a right to know how your money is being managed. You may have noticed on our website, we now disclose the top 100 Australian and Global shares holdings along with more information on the other asset classes we invest in you can view here. For those of you who are interested in our ethical and sustainable investments you can review the top 20 equities and bonds that the WA Super Sustainable Future option invests in.

How has WA Super performed?

The last 6 months have been very volatile in Australian and Global investment markets. There are many reasons for this and we have provided a summary of how markets have affected your super in our recent March Quarter investment update.

So how did WA Super investment options perform in these conditions?

Given that we build portfolios that hold their own when markets go down, as well as up, our returns (not unsurprisingly) performed really well across most of our investment options to the end of March.

  • Our Global Shares fund was the top performing International Share fund across its peer group over the 3-year period ending March 2019 with a 14.23% pa return. It was also ranked the 2nd top returning International Share fund over 5 and 7 years to 31 March 2019.#
  • Our MyWASuper, Diversified Conservative and Bonds options are also all in the top quartile of returns against their peer groups for the 2018/19 financial year to date ending 31 March 2019. Top quartile means that they have outperformed at least 75% of all other peer funds in that investment category.  
  • Our Diversified High Growth and Australian Shares are also above median. #

To view the performance of our all investment options over varying time periods and to check the returns against peer funds, please visit our Investments section.


Many of you in the survey also asked how WA Super’s fees compare with other funds.

As a not-for-profit industry fund, we are committed to keeping our fees low*. Our administration fees are $1.40 per week and 0.08% pa on the account balance, and our investment fees vary with the investment option chosen. As you can see in the graph below, we pride ourselves on being able to offer members access to a super offering at a low cost.

 Average annual fees* paid on a $50,000 MySuper account balance

Average Annual fees paid on a 50000 MySuper account balance May20

 The boring bits:

*Fees: Average annual fees include all administration and Investment fees calculated on a $50,000 account balance based on SuperRatings Pty Ltd fees module as at 6 May 2019.
#Returns: Based on SuperRatings Pty Ltd's Fund Crediting Rate Survey March 2019, which provides information about the investment performance of Australian super funds.

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