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WA Super awarded for best over the phone advice


WA Super has taken out the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Best Member Facing Project Award, for the Simple Super Advice product; providing advice at no extra cost to its members seeking to make investment decisions leading to retirement.

AIST awards for excellence Simple Super Advcie award

WA Super General Manager Distribution & Advice Quyen Truong said members often needed timely advice from a professional without always paying fees for a comprehensive consultation.

“We introduced a limited personal advice service for existing members who have not yet retired,” Ms Truong said.

“Simple Super Advice is provided at no cost to our members, over the phone or in person, with our dedicated adviser. This allows members to discuss their existing investment options, contribution levels and assess whether they are on track for a comfortable retirement.

“It can be costly to produce a Statement of Advice resulting in some people avoiding an adviser and instead making their own unadvised decisions about their retirement investments.

“Our team also wanted to meet the advice gap for younger members by providing relevant information that would have otherwise been inaccessible and expensive.  Now, members can get no-cost, personal advice from a WA Super professional in less than an hour.

“This Simple Super Advice service is now complemented by SuperClick Advice, our digital solution. It’s about giving the right advice at the right time through the right medium, over the phone, face to face or online.”

WA Super understands that people find superannuation boring, so wants to make advice easy for members to access and help educate them to make the right decisions when it comes to their super. WA Super’s ‘super is boring’ campaign is to remind people to do one boring thing with their super today that will benefit them in the long run. And getting Simple Super Advice is an important first step in that direction.

The annual AIST Awards for Excellence recognises the role that super funds’ member facing staff play in delivering positive outcomes for their members.

The WA Super Advice Team has taken out the Best Member Facing Project Award, along with Statewide Super, for $10b funds under management.

WA Super is a Western Australian based industry style super fund with a sound track record of more than 35 years, representing 60,000 West Australians.

Ms Truong said WA Super is passionate about changing the superannuation narrative – to encourage people to stop waiting until they retire to think about retirement, to start early, keep it simple, and ask more questions - so members can achieve their retirement dreams.






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