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Take 5!


Each month we will explore a different topic in Take 5!.

This month we thought we would start by looking at ourselves – Why WA Super?

  1. Western Australian Super that’s always had Western Australians’ interests at heart. WA Super is based in Perth, Western Australia. We understand that West Australians like to deal with someone local, someone they can visit face to face if they want to.
  2. Super shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. In fact, many of our members enjoy the fact that our superannuation product is simple, flexible and available to everyone.
  3. Unlike some other super funds, WA Super isn’t run to make a profit for shareholders. Our only goal is to help our 45,000 members retire the way they want to. The way they always imagined they would.
  4. Have a question or issue but hate being put on hold or passed from person to person? At WA Super a real person will answer the phone when you call and you will only deal with one person from start to finish when you want something resolved.
  5. Our great range of options means your great range of choices. We have an extensive range of investment options, so you can tailor your choices around your exact requirements.

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