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After many months of boring research and development we’re excited to launch our new, not-in-the-slightest bit boring, digital tool, SuperClick Advice. 

SuperClick Advice is an easy to use self-guided digital advice tool available in Member Online that uses your own WA Super account information to see how you’re tracking towards your retirement and what specific actions you can take.   

Yes, we know super is boring. But we also know that by spending a few minutes of your boring time getting to know your Super, making sure it’s set up in the best way for your circumstances, will mean that you won’t be bored in retirement. SuperClick Advice is the perfect tool to help you do this! It allows you to check if you are on track for the retirement of your dreams, anytime, anywhere.

SuperClick Advice retirement projection

Who can use SuperClick Advice?

WA Super members can access the tool from their Member Online account. To access SuperClick Advice:

  • you must be registered for Member Online
  • you must be under the age of 60. If you are over 60 you can call us to access our Simple Super Advice service, which is delivered at no extra cost over the phone or face-to-face
  • And what’s even better, there is no extra cost to use the tool

 What does SuperClick Advice do?

By logging into Member Online and spending around 10 minutes using the SuperClick Advice tool, you can find answers to these questions:

  • How much money will I have in retirement?
  • How much money will I need to retire?
  • What's the best way to get me there?

The tool will then step you through options to improve your retirement projections, including:

  • Choosing your preferred retirement age and retirement income
  • Optimising your level of personal contributions
  • Reviewing your risk/return profile so that you are in the most appropriate investment options

You will then be provided with a personal Statement of Advice and steps on what to do next to help maximise your super savings to ensure you are on track to live your retirement dreams!

So to see how a little boring can go a long way, log in to Member Online now and get started on your SuperClick Advice journey.

At any stage of your SuperClick Advice journey you can give us a call on 08 9480 3500 (during business hours) to answer any questions you may have.


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