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WA Super welcomes over 20,000 Concept One members


Media Release - 20 February 2018
WA Super welcomes over 20,000 Concept One members

On 9 February 2018, two Western Australian superannuation funds, WA Super and Concept One, successfully merged, resulting in WA Super having around $3.5 billion in funds under management and 60,000 members.

As a result of the merger, WA Super has increased capacity to meet its purpose of helping members achieve their retirement dreams.

This merger between two highly compatible funds offers a number of enhancements to both existing and new members, including increased economies of scale. Concept One members will now have access to an expanded suite of services, financial advice, lower fees and more investment options.

Fabian Ross, CEO of WA Super has been at the helm for just over a year, steering the growth strategy. “I joined WA Super with the intention of growing and developing the business, whilst helping members achieve their retirement dreams. I’m immensely proud that WA Super has forged ahead with this merger and can now add this achievement to our list of successful accomplishments, ultimately for the benefit of all members.”

With the successful merger now in place, Fabian is looking at the future. “With mergers come opportunities for growth. By focusing on what’s important to our members, we will soon be able to offer access to convenient low-cost digital financial advice services. This will make it quicker and easier for members to come to grips with their superannuation and allow them to play a more proactive role in growing their own retirement funds. There’s simply no better time than right now to start paying more attention to your super, and we want to make this easy for all members.” said Fabian.

Tim Shanahan, WA Super Chairman, believes the merger is beneficial for WA Super’s members, and broadly for the State, “This merger is a significant step forward for our members, our organisation and our State. Western Australian workers and businesses will continue to have access to a locally based, member focused super fund. WA Super is local, but we think global, and are passionate about helping our members plan for the long-term.”


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