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WA Super wins Best capital stable super fund


WA Super wins 'Best capital stable super fund' in the Australian Financial Review Blue Ribbon Awards.

What the judges at Lonsec Fiscal said: The winner of the Blue Ribbon Award for best capital stable super fund is WA Super's Diversified Conservative Fund. WA Super's offering performed the best across more than 100 conservative options assessed.

WA Super may not be on your radar if you live in the eastern states but if you are from the West then you will be more than familiar with this solid performer. It manages $2 billion in assets for 43,000 members, the majority of whom are government or ex-government employees.

Our judges ranked WA Super on top after an impressive annualised return of 7 per cent over the past three years, which is 210 basis points above the median return delivered by this cohort of managers.

The fund's rolling 10-year return is 4.8 per cent, which is all the more impressive when you consider that this takes in one of the biggest financial dislocations in recent history and was closely followed by an environment of record low interest rates around the world.

Highly commended: VicSuper Future Saver Capital Stable, Intrust Super Conservative Option.

Source: Australian Financial Review.

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