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End this financial year with a bounce in your step... and your super.


Funny tourist running in forest website imageThe end of the financial year is a good time to think about how you could grow your super. Here are some options you could consider to give your super a nice little boost. 

Personal contributions

Putting extra money into your super is a great way to save for retirement, and if you are eligible, get a tax deduction at the same time! 

Find out how much you can put into your super each year and still be eligible for the generous tax concessions.

Find out more here.

Government co-contribution

Get up to a $500 super bonus, thanks to the government.

All you need to do is see if you’re eligible and make a deposit into your WA Super account by 26 June 2019.

BPAY and get paid
Make a deposit now with your BPAY details. These are available in member online or by calling us on 08 9480 3500. 

Find out more here

Spouse contributions

If you or your spouse is a stay-at-home parent, working part-time or currently out of work, find out how adding to super could benefit you both financially.

You or your partner may be eligible to access a tax offset of up to $540, depending on how much you/they earn. 

Find out more here

Need more information or help?

If you have any questions we’d be happy to help. Call us on 08 9480 3500 or email the team at info@wasuper.com.au.

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