Super investment options

Whatever your age, you’ll want your super to grow over time as you get older.

If you can understand a few simple super investment principles, then you can take control of how your super is invested. It may be boring,  but it could make the biggest difference between a modest and a comfortable retirement.

We offer nine different super investment options that you can choose from. Or you can decide not to make a choice and your money will be placed into the default option called MyWASuper.

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Good to know: You can choose one option or you can choose a combination. When making your choice, you should consider the different levels of risk and returns you’re likely to encounter with each of these options, as well as the time frame of your investment. 

*The Sustainable Future option is different to the sector-specific options. Its investment approach is known as ‘impact investing’ and it’s one of the first of its kind in Australia. It aims to invest in companies that put labour standards and environmental, social and ethical issues at the forefront of how they grow and sustain their business.

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