Member forms and publications

Member Forms & Publications

In preparation for our upcoming merger, some forms have been removed. If you require access or have questions, please contact us.

We prefer if you email any forms back to us rather than sending them in by post or in person, it’s quicker, cheaper and safer.

You can then add your electronic signature and email the documents back to us at

To add your electronic signature in Adobe Acrobat you can draw or upload a scanned signature.


Financial Services Guide (FSG)
Compliance letter
Proof of Identity Requirements
WA Super Advice services

Super Solutions

Super Solutions Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and application for membership
Member Guide
Insurance Guide


Editable PDF forms are denoted by Editable.

Editable Automatic increase in insurance
Editable Insurance application or variation
Editable Insurance alteration
Editable Insurance transfer


Spring 2020 (November)
Winter 2020 (August)
Autumn 2020 (May)
Summer 2020 (February)
Spring 2019 (November)
Autumn 2019 (April)
Summer 2018 (December)
Winter 2018 (July)
Autumn 2018 (March)
Summer 2017 (December)
Autumn 2017 (September)

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