Fees & costs

WA Super is a not-for-profit super fund, which means that any profits made goes straight back to our members in the form of lower fees or better services. The table below outlines the fees and costs that may apply to your WA Super - Super Solutions account. These may be deducted directly from your account, from the returns on your investment, or from the assets of the superannuation entity as a whole.

Fees and costs for website PDS V18.0


Other fees and costs for website PDS V16

The above fees marked * are activity fees. 

Personal Advice fees

Fees may be payable for personal advice received. Personal advice is advice that is tailored to your specific financial objectives, situation or needs.

Comprehensive personal financial advice, for which a fee may be payable, is provided by financial planners employed by WA Local Financial Services Pty Ltd (Western Financial), which is a wholly owned by WA Local Government Superannuation, as authorised representatives of Quadrant First Pty Ltd AFSL 284443.

Employees of Western Financial who are authorised representatives of WA Local Government Superannuation Plan Pty Ltd AFSL 269006 are also able to provide limited personal advice in relation to your WA Super account.

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For a list of all the fees and costs you may incur, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

Updated on 7 November 2019.

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