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Find my super!
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has placed a temporary hold on superfund members conducting an automated SuperMatch search for their super that may be held by other super funds or by the ATO. This means you will not be able to use WA Super's Find & Combine online service until the SuperMatch service resumes. Instead you can use the WA Super Transfer in – Rollover initiation request form to transfer super funds into your WA Super account, or you can log into your online MyGov account to search for your super and to consolidate any super accounts.


Find and Combine your super.

Have you inadvertently lost track of some of your super over the years? This can easily happen if you've changed your name, address or job in Australia. Lost superannuation funds belonging to you may also be held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), waiting to be claimed.

If you want to find your super, keep reading on.

What super can you Find & Combine?

Our new online search tool can be used to find two types of super:

  • ATO held monies – These include amounts paid by employers, super funds or the government on your behalf that need to go into your superannuation account.
  • Other superannuation accounts you may have – If you've worked for multiple employers, you may have several super accounts and are probably paying more fees than you need to.

So don’t delay! Find your super today.

The following steps can help you find and combine your super in in a matter of minutes.

  1. Log in to Member Online and click on the ‘Find and Combine your super’ button.
  2. Enter the one-time pin sent to your email or mobile phone.
  3. WAS0007 Banner 250x180 FA2Press ‘Submit’ once you agree to use your TFN for the search, and your results will be displayed.
  4. If you agree, any money held by ATO will be automatically transferred to your WA Super account.
  5. Whilst reviewing your super, why not choose to transfer money in from other funds?¹ Just click on the accounts you want to have transferred to WA Super.

It may take 3-5 working days for the money to be transferred and appear in your account. Please note that ATO held monies may take longer.

Avoid paying multiple fees for multiple super accounts

If you have multiple super accounts, it’s easy to combine or roll over your super into one account.

Alternatively, you can complete the Transfer in – Rollover initiation request form, sign and date it, and send it to us at the address noted on the form. Our team at WA Super will do the rest!

Combining your super may help you:

  • Save on fees – fewer accounts can mean fewer fees
  • Have more control over your investment strategy – one account, one strategy
  • Keep track of all your super – everything is in one place which prevents any of your super from getting lost
  • Avoid paying unnecessary insurance costs – premiums may be deducted across multiple accounts

If you have insurance on any accounts which you’d like to bring across, then please contact us or call us on 08 9480 3500 to discuss this before combining your superannuation accounts.

¹ You should check with your other fund/s about any entitlement that may cease on withdrawal, any fees that may apply, and the impact of any insurance you have before you close that account.

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