Sustainable Future Top 20

Top 20 stocks and top 20 bonds

These are the top 20 stocks and top 20 bonds that may be held within your Sustainable Future investment option. The Sustainable Future option seeks positive investments that support three key categories:

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Top 20 Stocks

Issuer Category Market Value %
Boston Ppyts REIT Environmental 3.12%
Danaher Corp Life Essentials 3.06%
Xylem Inc Life Essentials 2.95%
Avangrid Inc Environmental 2.93%
LEG Immobilien AG Life Essentials 2.92%
Agilent Technologies Life Essentials 2.87%
Baxter International Life Essentials 2.77%
Nuance Communication Life Essentials 2.75%
Zoetis Inc Life Essentials 2.64%
Koninklijke Philips Life Essentials 2.62%
Schneider Elec SA Environmental 2.42%
Blackbaud Inc Life EssentialsHuman EmpowermentEnvironmental 2.17%
Hikma Pharmaceutical Life Essentials 2.12%
Mimecast Ltd Human Empowerment 2.12%
Johnson Controls Int Environmental 2.11%
Koninklijke DSM NV Life Essentials 2.11%
Itron Inc Environmental 2.04%
Landis+Gyr Group AG Environmental 2.02%
Vonovia SE Life Essentials 2.02%
Vodacom Group Ltd Human Empowerment 2.02%


Top 20 Bonds

Issuer Category Market Value %
Ginnie Mae Life Essentials 8.75%
Agricultural Development Bank of China  Human EmpowermentEnvironmental 3.35%
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Environmental 2.38%
KFW Human EmpowermentEnvironmental 2.32%
European Investment Bank Environmental 1.91%
Bank of China Environmental 1.74%
CPPIB Environmental 1.64%
Mt. Sinai Hospital Life Essentials 1.25%
NRW Bank (North Rhine-Westphalia)  Life EssentialsHuman Empowerment 1.21%
Fannie Mae Life Essentials 1.21%
Bank of America Environmental 1.19%
African Development Bank Human EmpowermentLife EssentialsEnvironmental 1.18%
France Government Bond OAT Environmental 1.18%
Park Avenue (CMBS) Environmental 1.18%
VNDO (CMBS) Environmental 1.16%
HY 2016 (CMBS) Environmental 1.15%
Asian Development Bank Human EmpowermentLife EssentialsEnvironmental 1.12%
BWAY 2013 (CMBS) Environmental 1.10%
MAD 2017 (CMBS) Environmental 1.06%
Enel Finance International NV  Environmental 1.06%


Note: The above list was correct on 31 March 2020.

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