Sustainable Future

"You can’t stand for something
if you chase after everything.”
– Ries & Trout

Locally based, globally minded

Make positive investments with positive impact: the WA Super Sustainable Future investment option.

Our Sustainable Future investment option has been designed to improve the lives of people around the world and deliver attractive long-term returns. Investments are directed to innovative companies addressing the world’s major social and environmental challenges.

What is Impact Investing?
Super funds approach responsible investing in varying degrees. Our Sustainable Future investment option sits in the realm of Impact Investing and is one of the first of its kind in Australia.

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How are we undertaking Impact Investing?
Our Sustainable Future option invests in companies addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development goals – a set of objectives to combat poverty, improve access to essential services, and reduce hunger – in a meaningful and measurable way.

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 What type of companies could you be invested in?
The world’s biggest problems are also the world’s biggest business opportunities. Fast-growing companies in these areas are finding creative and profitable ways to service these growing needs, but their potential is generally underappreciated by the investment community. The Sustainable Future option allows you to invest in:

Life essentials


Freedom from hunger

Food safety products
Crop-yield improvement
Livestock productivity


Novel treatments
Mobile clinics



WaterClean water and sanitation
Water treatment
Water-loss reduction
Environmental remediation



Affordable housingAffordable housing
Low-cost mortgages
Housing management
Elderly care facilities



Human empowerment

EducationEducation and training
Distance Learning
Education financing



Financial inclusionFinancial inclusion
Mobile banking



CyberDigital divide and cyber security
Affordable internet acccess
Data security
Identity protection




Renewable energyAlternative energy
Large-scale batteries
Electric vehicles



ReforrestationResource stewardship
Carbon filtering



3D printingResource efficiency
Smart metering
LED lighting
3D printing



Our Fund Manager, Wellington Management, also does not invest in any extractive industries. This includes, but is not limited to, coal and fracking. They also do not invest in tobacco producers.

Find out more on our Sustainable Future Fact Sheet.

Our Top 20
Our top 20 Stocks and top 20 Bonds that may be held within your Sustainable Future investment option.