Super Solutions – Investment options

What investment options do I have?

You have 9 different investment options to choose from. If you decide not to make a choice, that is ok. Your investment will be placed into the default option, which is MyWASuper.

- MyWASuper*
- Diversified High Growth
- Diversified Conservative
- Australian Shares
- Global Shares
- Sustainable Future
- Property and Infrastructure
- Bonds
- Cash

This information will assist you to make an investment choice that is right for you. The performance of each investment option does not include fees and taxes.


My WA Super


Diversified Conservative

Diversified Conservative3


Diversified High Growth

Diversified High Growth3

Australian Shares

Australian Shares


Global Shares

Global Shares


Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future web content


Property and Infrastructure

Property and Infrastructure3









*This is WA Super’s Super Solution’s default investment option. If you don’t make a choice, or if your selection is invalid, then all of your contributions will go into the MyWASuper option. WA Super reserves the right to vary the asset allocations of all or any of the options and to introduce new options or discontinue existing options without prior notice. The returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You should consider seeking professional financial advice before making an investment decision

Page updated on 23 July 2018. 


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