Retirement solutions

Choose how your nest-egg is invested

Retirement Solutions are products designed for you

- if you’re preparing for retirement - Retirement Solutions - Transition to retirement
- if you’ve already retired - Retirement Solutions - Income Stream

Once you’ve chosen a retirement product, we encourage you to choose how your nest-egg is invested.

Think about an investment strategy that best suits you and your personal needs. We have options that are ready-made and aligned to different risk appetites, or you can blend your own mix from a range of investment options. So you can find something that fits.

If you don’t want to choose how your super is invested, or you’re not sure how, your investment will be placed into Diversified Moderate which is the default option offered by WA Super.

‘Diversified’ simply means that it’s a ready-made option where your investments are spread across different assets. Diversification helps you ride out the ups and downs of investing.

You can change, or switch your investment options later. For full details see the Retirement Solutions Product Disclosure Statement.

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