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Value for money

As a profit-for-member fund, we implement value for money investment arrangements that we believe will benefit you over the long term. WA Super has low* fees and costs. The chart below provides a fees and costs comparison between our MySuper product, MyWASuper, and other fund’s MySuper offerings.

Average annual fees* paid on a $50,000 MySuper account balance

Average Annual fees paid on a 50000 MySuper account balance 4November19 PDS

Source: SuperRatings SMART Fees.

* Based on SuperRatings Pty Ltd’s assessment of WA Super’s fees against the industry average as at 4 November 2019.
MyWASuper is the default investment option for Super Solutions.

Just like with other Super funds, there are fees and costs incurred in managing your retirement savings:

  • Administration fees are linked to our operating costs and are deducted from your account;

  • Investment fees are either those paid to WA Super or our service providers to manage your investments. These fees are paid from investment earnings before they are added to your account.

  • Indirect costs are incurred in the management of the investment portfolio that are not fees. Examples are transactional and operational costs incurred when buying or selling investments - such as brokerage (for equities) or stamp duty (for property).

What your fees might look like

The tables below provide an example of how fees and costs are disclosed for our Super Solutions, MyWASuper option, and our Retirement Solutions Diversified Moderate option with a $50,000 balance. You can use these tables to compare our fees and charges with other super and retirement funds (available on their websites).

Super Solutions

Example MyWASuper PDS V16 option fees web table image

Note: Additional fees may apply. Please note there is no exit or switching fees and no buy/sell spread.

Retirement solutions

Example Diversified Moderate option RSPDS V15 fees web table image

Note: Additional fees may apply. Please note there is no exit or switching fees and no buy/sell spread.

The fees in the table below are based on the actual fees and costs incurred in the 2018/2019 financial year. They’re used here as an indication of fees only. Future actual costs will vary depending on the external investment managers used and the performance of the market.

ICR and fees table web image for PDS V16 and RSPDS V15

Fees and costs in Superannuation can be complex. For further information on the costs incurred in the management of your account, please click here

In addition to the fees and costs included above, there are additional costs incurred in the management of investment portfolios that reduce the return from the underlying asset return. The costs in the table below are incurred in managing the investment portfolio at WA Super. These are for the 2018/2019 financial year.

Borrowing costs and fees web table for PDS V16 image

* Borrowing costs are expenses incurred in relation to borrowing money, such as interest and loan establishment fees. WA Super does not borrow money, but we do invest in entities that can borrow money.

^ Property operating costs are amounts that are payable in relation to the operational expenses associated with real property or an interest in a real property. It excludes amount paid for the acquisition or disposal of a property.

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You should read all the information about fees and costs because it is important to understand their impact on your investment. For more information, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

Updated on 4 November 2019. 

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