Investment choice

How do you want to invest your money?

When it comes to super, one of the most important choices you have is how to invest your money.

You may want to protect your money if you're close to retirement or, if you're younger, you’ll probably want to make your money grow as much as possible. How you choose to invest your money could make a big difference to your super over time, so it's important to consider what is right for you.

What’s your risk appetite?

It's your attitude and tolerance to risk that makes you different and relates to what investment strategy may be right for you. It's important you pick an investment option, or options, that match your appetite for risk. If you're not sure, talk to our Member Services team for some general advice, or, you can access our Simple Super Advice for limited personal advice about your WA Super account.

We have 4 diversified* options for super and for our retirement products, and 6 sector-specific options. So you can tailor your choices around your exact requirements, and your appetite for risk versus return.

Risk appetite web image2

The graph is for general illustrative purposes only and different investment options carry different risks. More information about the risk of each investment option can be found in the relevant PDS.

*Diversified simply means that it's a ready-made investment option where investments are spread across different assets. Diversification helps you ride out the ups and downs of investing.

Standard risk measure (SRM)

The standard risk measure (SRM) is an investment risk classification system developed to enable you to compare investment options across superannuation funds.

The SRM contains 7 risk levels from very low to very high, with each level based on the estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20-year period. For example, a very low risk investment option means less than 0.5 negative annual returns in a 20-year period, while a very high risk option means 6 or more negative annual returns in a 20-year period. 

Standard risk measure web table

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