Super Solutions

The graphs reflect the net investment performance (post fees and taxes) of our investment options compared to the median returns of other funds whose investment options are in the same asset class. The median return of other funds is sourced from SuperRatings*, and includes all returns from retail master trusts, industry funds, Government funds and corporate funds.

Super Solutions – WA Super v SuperRatings median

1 year

Super Solutions 1 year SuperRatings Median 30 June 2018


3 year
Super Solutions 3 year SuperRatings Median 30 June 2018
5 year

Super Solutions 5 year SuperRatings Median 30 June 2018

7 year

Super Solutions 7 year SuperRatings Median 30 June 2018


Notes: *SuperRatings Pty Limited is a superannuation research house. The SuperRatings median return is based on the results of SuperRating’s Fund Crediting Rate Survey June 2018. The survey provides information about the investment performance for Australian super funds.

The SuperRatings median return does not have a Sustainable Future comparison for an Income Stream product. 

The graph is for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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