Employer - Bill of rights

WA Super is proudly West Australian and proud to help West Australian businesses simplify superannuation and ensure that they are treated RIGHT along the way.

Our employer bill of rights is our promise to you.

Employer - Bill of RIGHTS

You have the RIGHT to have a real person answer the phone when you call. A real person that is experienced and knowledgeable in all things super.
You have the RIGHT to contact your personal administrator or account manager whenever you need.
You have the RIGHT to only deal with one person from start to finish when you want something resolved.
You have the RIGHT to simple, clear and easy to obtain information via a brand new website, web chat facility, Skype and much more.
You have the RIGHT to free seminars and work site visits to help both you and your employees understand super.
You have the RIGHT to access our team of qualified Financial Planner’s.
You have the RIGHT to nominate WA Super as a default. WA Super is one of the only WA based Superannuation companies with a MySuper licence.
You have the RIGHT to a superfund that is run only for the benefit of our employers and members not the pay packets of shareholders.

WA Super - the new super. The super that’s been redefined for the best possible future, for our employers and members. We continue to evolve, to make sure we can offer you more.

You’re with the RIGHT super.
You’re with WA Super.

WA Super.
It’s your right.

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