Why join WA Super

Benefits we offer

As a participating employer with WA Super, you can provide your employees with many superannuation services and enjoy the benefit of simple administration.

Employer Support

At WA Super, each employer is allocated an Account Administrator and an Account Manager.

Account Administrator

Your Account Administrator is your contact for contributions, remittance information, online account set up and generally anything to do with the administration of members accounts.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is responsible for educating members, providing advice, conducting site visits and seminars and being the liaison person between the employer and our administration.

Our Account Administrators and managers are there to make your life easier and take the stress out of superannuation.

Seminars & Site Visits

WA Local Super employs Account Managers, who regularly conduct site visits to workplaces to hold seminars and one on one "super health checks". These sessions include general advice about superannuation and help members understand what they need to do to ensure they will have a comfortable retirement. There is no extra charge for these services for members.

Visits are conducted throughout Western Australia and are generally planned well in advance. While the majority of these visits are to Local Government establishments, any employer can request a visit from one of our qualified professionals.

If you would like to arrange a visit to your workplace, just contact us.

Insurance for your staff

WA Super provides excellent insurance options at competitive rates.

If your staff join WA Super, they may be eligible for Automatic Acceptance. Automatic Acceptance means they’re automatically covered for a certain level of insurance without having to provide medical evidence. Here’s how it works.

If they’re a permanent full time, part time or contractual employee they’ll automatically be covered for insurance provided they meet all the following conditions:

  • They are “At Work” on either of the following dates:

    For Public Offer members (members whose employer has not nominated WA Local Super as their default super fund), the date they joined the Fund;


    For employees of a participating employer, the date they commence employment with that participating employer as a permanent full time, part time or contractual employee as notified to us.
  • They’re under age 65 for Death and under age 60 for TPD;
  • Their employer does not have Automatic Acceptance for them for the same or for a similar benefit type under any other superannuation insurance policy (ie another superannuation fund’s insurance policy); and
  • Their employer is paying superannuation guarantee contributions on their behalf into the Fund;
  • They are not a former police officer;
  • They are not a casual or temporary employee or self employed.
Occupational risk ratings

Occupational risk ratings

For more information please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

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