Concept One and WA Super Merger

WA Super welcomes Concept One members

WA Super welcomed Concept One members to our fund in February 2018. All Concept One members were sent an Exit Statement and their WA Super Welcome Pack. This included their new Client Number, a Statement of their account details and the member’s information as provided by Concept One.

What do new members need to do?

Concept One members need to check their information in the Welcome Letter, and to contact WA Super if any information is incorrect or missing. Members can use their new Client Number to register online with WA Super.  If members haven’t already done so, they should read the Member Transition brochure or Pension Member Transition Brochure which provides the information they need about the merger.  

What do I tell my employer?

Nothing. WA Super is in direct contact with all employers, therefore there is nothing you need to tell or provide to your employer. If your employer has any questions, they can call us directly on 08 9480 3500.

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