Member forms and publications

Member Forms & Publications

With WA Super, you have the right to simple, clear information.

Everything our members need to manage their super is right here. All the applications, guides, contribution and insurance choices, and change of details forms are below. You’ll also find recent copies of our informative newsletter.

Isn’t it great when super is super simple?


Financial Services Guide (FSG)
Compliance letter
Proof of Identity Requirements
Investment Fees Factsheet - Super Solutions

Super Solutions

Super Solutions Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and application for membership
Member guide
Insurance guide


Editable PDF forms are denoted by Editable.

Editable Choice of super
Editable Transfer in - rollover initiation
Editable Personal or Self-employed contribution
Editable Change in personal details
Editable Change of employment details
Editable Change in Investment options - Super Solutions
Editable Automatic increase in insurance
Editable Insurance application or variation
Editable Insurance alteration
Editable Insurance transfer
Editable Tax file number notification
Editable Future contribution instruction for employer
Editable Application to have external advisor or administration fee deducted
Editable Letter of authority
Editable Super Solutions - Binding beneficiary nomination
Editable Super Solutions - Non-binding beneficiary nomination

Retirement Solutions

Retirement Solutions Product Disclosure Statement
Editable Change in investment options - Retirement Solutions
Editable Change in bank account details or income level
Editable Roll back to Super Solutions
Editable Retirement Solutions - Binding beneficiary nomination
Editable Retirement Solutions - Non-binding beneficiary nomination

WA Super news

Issue 02 | Under 35 | March 2014
Issue 02 | Under 55 | March 2014
Issue 02 | Over 55 | March 2014

Issue 03 | Under 35 | April 2014
Issue 03 | Over 35 | April 2014
Issue 03 | Over 55 | April 2014

Issue 04 | Under 35 | June 2014
Issue 04 | Over 35 | June 2014
Issue 04 | Over 55 | June 2014

WA Super Employer news

Issue 01 | Employer news | April 2014

Scoop on Super

Scoop on Super Newsletter - Autumn 2010
Scoop on Super Newsletter - Autumn 2011 
Scoop on Super Newsletter - Autumn 2012