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Become a WA Super member

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards retiring the way you want to!

Becoming a member of WA Super is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Download and read the Product Disclosure Statement available here.

Consider your individual circumstances. You should consider whether the products, services, features and benefits of WA Super meet your personal requirements. You might also like to consider seeking professional financial advice. Don't hesitate to call our Member Services team on (08) 9480 3500 (or 1300 99 85 42 for country callers) if you have any questions.

Complete the Super Solutions Application for Membership form available here. Make sure you choose the level of insurance cover that’s right for you and select the investment options that match your risk profile. Complete all sections of the form then sign and date it where indicated. It's important to include your Tax File Number and nominate your beneficiaries.

Send your completed form to:
PO Box Z5493
St Georges Tce
Perth WA 6831

Download PDF