Socially responsible investment

WA Super's Sustainable Future option is a Socially responsible investments (SRI) and differs from the other sector-specific investment options, as it invests in companies that consider labour standards and environmental, social and ethical issues in the growth and sustainability of their business. 

This option invests in two share funds that are managed by AMP Capital Investors (AMP capital Sustainable Share Fund) and BT Financial Group (BT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund).

Both AMP and BT proactively "screen" companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, which meet certain sustainability and socially responsible criteria. Whilst both investment managers use different assessment procedures to select these companies (as described below), their investment strategies are complementary.

AMP Capital Sustainable Share Fund

This fund invests in shares and securities that provide solutions to social and environmental challenges (eg healthcare, renewable energy, mass transport, education and water and waste management), as well as those that exhibit high levels of corporate social responsibility (eg finance, property and retail). The Fund may also invest in financial products, such as managed funds and securities, within the AMP Capital Investors' product range.

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BT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund

This fund actively seeks to invest in Australian companies that demonstrate superior environmental and social practices, whilst offering sustainable products and services. Investments may include those companies already listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and in Initial Public Offerings. A company's products and services will be considered "sustainable" if it can operate successfully over the long term using socially responsible procedures that also create value for and acceptance by
its shareholders.

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